Nov. 11, 2011

The new studio is done and records are being made there. Good ones, even. There is a new website here. We will gradually be shifting all activity over to the Flora Recording and Playback site.


March 4, 2011

In the 11 months since I have last updated this news page a lot has happened in my neck of the woods. My son Tennessee was born 10 months ago and I have managed to make a few records I'm really proud to have been part of since his birth. The Decemberists record "The King is Dead" debuted at #1 which was a fun surprize to all of us. I got to work with Gillian Welch and David Rawlings on that one, a couple of folks I have long admired. Once that was done I headed South to Louisville, KY and set up shop in an old church with My Morning Jacket. Much of that record was tracked with everybody playing live in a huge room together. The recording gear was in the same room and bleed was king. The final phase happened in Nashville at Blackbird Studio. The album is called "Circuital" and is set to be released in late May or early June. The R.E.M. record that I tracked demos for comes out next week. Also since I last wrote I mixed a John Wesley Harding record, a Jenny Scheinman record with Nels Cline, Todd Sickafoose and Jim Black, a Cataldo record and a collaborative record between Mirah, Thao and TuneYards. We started tracking a new Brian Blade Fellowship record that will be continued soon. We also made some headway on a new Floratone record which features Bill Frisell, Matt Chamberlain, Jon Brion, Mike Elizondo, Eyvind Kang and Ron Miles. Mixing for that record begins next week.

April 3, 2010

Tuesday is the release of the debut record from Black Prarie on Sugar Hill Records. It's an all acoustic affair with a healthy dose of spook sprinkled about. NPR is streaming the album in advance here. I'm just back from Nashville where we tracked a new record for banjo player/songtress Abigail Washburn. The tracking was finished today in Portland and the mixing shall commence immediately. We've had many great contributions from folks like Viktor Krauss, Kai Welch, Bill Frisell, Tim O Brien, Edgar Meyer, Carl Broemel (My Morning Jacket), Old Crow Medicine show folks, Wu Fei, Jeremy Kittell, Nathaniel Smith and on and on. My goal is to get the mixing done before I become a papa which could be any day now. After a week or 2 with the baby we jump right into a new Decemberists record which we'll be recording out in the country outside of Portland in a barn that we are converting into a studio just for this record. I'm looking forward to Peter Buck's guest appearance on a couple of songs.

December 15, 2009

I feel fortunate that so many of my days are spent making music that I believe in with people that believe in. I just wrapped up a new record with the great Tift Merritt who is at the top of her musical game. We recorded most of it in Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina with her ace band. Mr. Jim James guested as did Eyvind Kang, Greg Leisz and Steve Moore. It's to be released in early June and is called "See You on the Moon". The new Laura Veirs record "July Flame" comes out on January 12. It's a lovely record. Please consider checking it out. There are a couple of free songs available on her website. Here are some other things that have happened since I last updated. I mixed Langhorne Slim's new record "Be Set Free". Thao's new record "Know Better, Learn Faster" came out recently. We had a nice guest visit from Andrew Bird on that one. I mixed an EP and some LP tracks for Portland's own Loch Lomond and a full length from Viva Voce offshoot Blue Giant. Speaking of Portland, I recorded an iTunes exclusive EP with Blind Pilot and mixed some songs for the new Quasi album, the rest of which was mixed by Dave Fridmann and Steve Fisk.

I had a nice chat with NPR's Bob Boilen which is archived here.

I had a nice Chat with Tift Merritt for her radio show "The Spark" in Marfa, Texas which is archived right here.

Hooray for nice chats!

Paste Magazine surprised me with this flattering accolade...

Lots on the horizon. See you next time!



June 8, 2009

Recording R.E.M. demos for a week in May was definitely a life highlight for me. You can hear Peter talk about that week here. I learned to play drums to Chronic Town and the several records that followed. I probably decided I had to spend my life making music as a result of their music and that time in my life, the early/mid 80's in the South. I have an older cousin from Georgia that I would visit in the Summer and would always hear the most mysterious sounds coming out of his room. I felt like he was in on a secret language that I wanted so badly to be in on. When he wasn't around I would sneak into his room and look at these records with such wonder...wondering where this sound could possibly come from. I still wonder that today. It felt so familiar and comforting, yet at the same time I figured it came from some kind of secret society. To this day, that feeling is a reference point for me in my ongoing efforts to make something wholly original. I had no real idea what they were saying but was convinced that this was the ultimate articulation of how I felt, too. Sorry if it sounds hippy dippy but when things are going right, music making DOES feel like some kind of secret decoding society. Additionally, I was thrilled to get to mix a couple of tracks for the fantastic Spoon. I have long admired the uniquely compelling sonic point of view of this band and was fascinated by getting to look under the hood.



April 25, 2009

Hi folks - thanks for your interest in my recording endeavors. Since the last report, several of my projects have been released: Laura Gibson's "Beasts of Seasons" is out now on Hush Records, The Decemberists mossy, evil epic "The Hazards of Love" was also just released. We had some fun guests on that one: Robyn Hitchcock, Jim James, Shara Wardon, Becky Stark and Rebecca Gates to name a few. Mirah's record came out recently on K Records, it's called "(A)spera". I finished a project with the great band LAKE from Olympia, Washington that looks like it will be slowly released as a series of 7"'s. I got to record and mix a new Bill Frisell record called "Disfarmer" featuring Greg Leisz, Jenny Scheinman and Viktor Krauss which will come out this Summer on Nonesuch. Drum genius Brian Blade's new album "Mama Rosa" is the first of his guitar/singing songs and was just released by Verve. I was delighted to have taken part alongside one of my childhood inspirations, Daniel Lanois. Speaking of delighted, I did some mixes for Death Cab for Cutie's new EP "The Open Door". I have begun work on the follow up to Thao's "We Brave Beestings and All". I am VERY excited about the shape of the new Laura Veirs record which should be completed sometime soon. We have had amazing musical contributions. Jim James, Eyvind Kang, Stephen Barber, Karl Blau, Chris Funk and Steve Moore to name a few. I got to do some mixes for the new Tara Jane O' Neil record "A Way's away" as well as recent mixes for Loch Lomond. Bill Frisell, Matt Chamberlain, Lee Townsend and I have started work on a follow up to our 2007 Blue Note record Floratone. I'm excited about the drum tones on this puppy. Matt brought his 26" kick and it was the perfect match for the the big room at Avast II in Seattle. Let's see, what else? I had fun in Austin last month where I got to be on a producers panel called "Making Classic Records" at SXSW with Britt Daniel, Howie Weinberg, Mike McCarthy, Ed Cherney and Tim Palmer. We enjoyed arguing about dorky record making stuff...nice of you to read this far.




July 24, 2008

There are a bunch of new additions to the Productions page which were overdue. Plenty to report. Mount Analog has a new 7" out in collaboration with the fantastic Karl Blau. I have just finished a record with Portland based chanteuse Laura Gibson. The Thao record has been wonderfully received since coming out earlier this year and is now available on vinyl. The Mudhoney record we made in 4 days is out now on Subpop. I was honored to be asked to mix some of Chris Walla's solo record, Field Manual ,which came out a few months back. The Brian Blade Fellowship record came out recently on Verve. I recorded it at the Clubhouse in upstate New York and mixed it at Flora. I produced some tracks for Mirah's next one and some new tracks for The Minus 5 which is the solo project of R.E.M.'s Scott McCaughey. Recorded a new Bill Frisell record in Nashville that will be mixed in October.The live record I mixed for the Decemberists Colin Meloy is out now on Kill Rock Stars. Other records I mixed that came out recently include Steve Wynn's "Crossing Dragon Bridge", Ferron's "Boulder" and some songs on the newest Transmissionary 6. Oh and a couple of Norfolk and Western songs, too. I just mixed a great new record from Johanna Kunin that will come out later in the year as well as The Builders and the Butchers. Laura Veirs and I made an EP of mostly old country blues songs one late night that is available via the web. It's called Two Beers Veirs. I had a great time in Brookyln recording most of a new Clare Burson album which shall be completed later in the year. Lastly, I'm excited to be starting a new Decemberists record next week. It's already being called mossy and evil.

December 12, 2007

Whoah, somebody just told me I was nominated for a dern Grammy for the recording and mixing of the Floratone record. That's a shocker, but I suppose an honor nonetheless. I've been battling a herniated disk so I have had to slow it down a bit as of late but I did manage to mix some songs for Death Cab for Cutie's Christopher Walla recently. He has a record called Field Manual coming out on Barsuk in January. In October I recorded a record for Brian Blade Fellowship which will be released by Verve Records in 2008. We also did some more work on a record of Brian's singing record. He's currently in Toronto with Daniel Lanois adding to those tracks which we'll continue in the new year. I just got back from Brooklyn where some friends added tracks to the ever evolving new Mount Analog record. I also finished a new Mudhoney record for Subpop. It's really raw and energetic. The Thao Nguyen record is all wrapped up and coming out in January on Kill Rock Stars. You can hear a track here. I got to mix some great songs for the new Transmissionary Six album, too. Jim White's record Transnormal Skiperoo comes out in January on Luaka Bop records. Stay tuned, I'm excited about what the new year holds...

July 23, 2007

I'm chuffed to announce that on August 18 Blue Note Records will release Floratone, a collaboration between guitarist Bill Frisell, drummer Matt Chamberlain and myself producing with Lee Townsend. You can listen to some bits here.

Sufjan Stevens is coming to Flora on Friday and we shall finish what we started last Summer. 2 songs to be released on 7 inch in 2008. I just finished mixing the debut record by a band I'm excited about called Musee Mecanique. It won't be out for a while but you can hear some sneak peeks here.

Laura Veirs record "Saltbreakers" is out now on Nonesuch Records. I got to produce, record, mix AND play drum like stuff on it! We recently got back from 2 months of touring in Europe and the US.  See her page for highlights.

I also just mixed a live solo record by Colin Meloy of the Decemberists for Kill Rock Stars. He spins a mean yarn. Thanks for checking in, there's lots more cooking here in the Flora kitchen to report soon but for now I need to go find myself a swimming hole...

March 5, 2007

Hello all ye lovers of wire and wood! A few highlights of the last few months since the last update:

Toured Spain, Portugal and Australia with Laura Veirs. Saw wombats, Roos and Summertime. Got to share bills with Cat Power and Jeff Tweedy who both killed. Had Josh Rouse sit in on bass in Valencia and a surprise visit from Andrew Bird in Melbourne. Visited Graceland again, Sun Studios, Stax and the Civil Rights Museum in Memphis. All transcend their touristic nature. I got to spend 5 days and nights working on the new Mount Analog record with Steve Moore and Karl Blau. This last week I started a record with an incredible, very original band from Olympia, Washington called Lake. They've got the best horses. Laura Veirs' Saltbreakers record comes out on Nonesuch April 10 in the US. It turned out wonderfully. Film Guerrero is going to release the vinyl of it! Sorry for all of the exclamation points.


November 14, 2006

Well, I'm not sure if this is something I'm proud of or not, but the new Microsoft operating system Vista is out and the startup sound is the result of a collaboration between myself, Robert Fripp and Steve Moore. Of course, it was then filtered through a huge committee of people who watered it down to what you hear now. In case you're curious, you can hear it here. Some of you may know that the Windows XP startup sound was made by none other than Brian back into the basement to finish up the Laura Veirs record.


October 19, 2006

Man alive. I spent the day recording a remarkable church choir at Johnny Cash's cabin in Hendersonville, TN. for the new Laura Veirs record we've been working on. We got goose bumps so many times being in the place of Johnny and June. I think they're still there. The new record, it's called Saltbreakers. Those are waves. It comes out in March on Nonesuch. We got our church on today. Now back to the Northwest to try to steer this baby in for a smooth landing.


Sept 5, 2006

Jim White arrives today to track a song for his next record on Luaka Bop. I've enlisted Mr. Blau and Mr.
Moore to fill things out. I've been waiting to do this for some time now.

The Decemberists record is all wrapped up. It's called The Crane Wife. I loved working on it and am really happy with how it turned out. It was fun to work with Chris Walla. I think our sensibilities met in a cool place. Something to make existing fans happy while challenging them to grow with the band at the same time.

I did 4 songs with Thao Nguyen. She and her band came out from Virginia for a week. Those sessions went
great. We are going to reconvene early next year to do another 8 or so.

Had a great European tour with Laura Veirs and gang. Wonderful audiences in Belgium, London, Cologne and Berlin in particular. About to head out on a short west coast tour before starting on her new Nonesuch record in mid September. Karl Blau and Your Heart Breaks will also be playing those shows - yowza!

The Young Rapture Choir CD is out now. Limited run of 3,000. 40 or so French kids singing and playing LV
songs. You can't resist. The packaging alone is worth the price. Go Clyde.

Sufjan Stevens and gang camped out at my place for a week in preparation for their Sasquatch gig and
to record 2 songs for an upcoming 7 inch. Now that was fun. Pictures coming soon. These songs will get mixed this Fall....


June 21, 2006

Making records is fun!


May 30, 2006

There's a Tucker Martine feature in the new issue of Harp Magazine.


May 7, 2006

Howdy Ho and welcome to the hot, hot, new redesigned site. All of the pleasure your eyes are about to experience is thanks to Clyde at Do It For the Girls Productions. We'll be fine tuning it over the coming weeks. Things are going swimmingly here in Portland where I have set up residency for the better part of the Summer with the Decemberists at Kung Fu Bakery. If you can overlook the Seattle like Winters, this is a bit of a utopia. The music community is thriving like no other. Home to folks like the Shins, Decemberists, the Gossip, Stephen Malkmus, M Ward, Norfolk and Western, Point Juncture WA, Super XX Men, Alan Singley, the Ready, Quasi, Sleater Kinney, Tracker, Hush Records, Film Guerrero, Menomena, Holy Sons, Jealous Butcher Records, oh it goes and goes on and on.

I should mention too that Im excited about doing some tracks and playing HORSE with Virginias Thao Nguyen for Kill Rock Stars in August.


April 3, 2006

Managed to finish the Jesse Sykes record on time. I think its her best! Nicolai Dunger lent his voice to a soon to Portland for the next Decemberists record. Producing it with Chris Walla. And looking forward to making a 7 inch with Sufjan Stevens in May as well. Playing a couple of shows with Laura Veirs in France next week. More soon!

March 18, 200
Check out the feature on Tucker in the new issue of No Depression magazine...

February 25, 2006
New Jesse Sykes record underway. Completed at the end of March. Dropping this Fall on Barsuk.

February 16, 2006
Mudhoneys Under a Billion Suns comes out March 7th on Subpop. A bunch of hot Flora trax on there! Also, I did a remix of "Where is the Future?" off the new album which for starters is being offered to those who pre-order the record through Subpop

Mixed Terry Lee Hale's new album "Shotgun Pillowcase" this week.

January 21, 2006
Howdy. New Transmissionary Six is done: Comes out on Glitterhouse and Film Guerrero in August. Sparky stuff.

Johanna Kunin's debut full length is done. Strong, haunting, original stuff. I think you can hear three tracks at her My Space page and another at her booking agents page.

Ron Miles and Eyvind Kang came to town to play some incredible parts Mr. Frisell wrote for the record of his with Matt Chamberlain, Viktor Krauss, Lee Townsend and myself. Working title: Friz-Chamber. Kang said the stuff sounded "bold, dirty and unsafe". Here's hoping he's right...

Argentinian songstress Gabriela was here recording her next album which we're mixing this week.

Sun City Girl Alan Bishop stopped in to have his Radio Algeria album assembled for Sublime Frequencies and to assemble a new SCG release as well.

Dude from Nickel Creek (Chris Thile) was in doing a track with Bill Frisell for a Joni Mitchell tribute record that Nonesuch is putting out. There are some hot-t-t tracks on there from Bjork and Prince.

New Mount Analog tracks slowly emerging from the womb...